AGM 2020: Cub Section Report

Numbers of cubs fluctuates during the year as they move to Scouts and arrive from Beavers.  We have been as low as 8 and as high as 16.  We‘re currently at about 13.  The badges covered included Global issues, Water safety, Astronomer (we managed to pick all the cloudiest nights), Disability awareness, Artist, World Faith Gardener.

Highlights of the year.  12 attended a long weekend camp at Beaudesert with 6 Hartford cubs.  The additional numbers and leaders helped make it good camp for all concerned. 

During the summer we managed a boating session with Beavers and assistance from leaders of all sections. 

Vicky joined formerly as an assistant leader during the summer. 

In pursuing the badges we looked at stars and the moon, were hosted at places of worship for three faiths (Buddhist, CoE and Muslim)  were visited by a hearing dog (with owner), learned some sign language including finger spelling, made stuff including poppies which we took to forest camp for our remembrance day activity and service.

Since the world changed, we’ve continued with virtual sessions and as well as badge work took part in establishing the world record camp at home.  Cyndy, particularly, has worked hard to set up activities which can be done at home and we do appreciate all the parental help that has been needed to make it successful.  Without a dedicated cub leader we’ve relied heavily on our assistants and Lynn, Vicky, Naomi and April have done sterling work.  Many thanks for everything you’ve done