AGM 2020: Scout Section Report

At the beginning of 2020 numbers in the scout section were as low as I can remember. We had some transfers to the Explorers and furthermore we had one a month also transferring. Things will change.

Our virtual meetings were set up by the leadership team (those that weren’t born in the steam age) using Zoom as the platform.

We usually start with a “tell me what you’ve done” so that they can all keep in touch, then content over Zoom has included painting boiled egg characters, various quiz games including Mallet’s mallet, Pictionary and Kim’s game as well as the more active Simon Says.

You’ll all be familiar with Armpit Fudge which apparently tasted delicious.

We have set challenges to revise familiar knots and bends and introduced new ones.

Some of the scouts have done their own sleep outs and reported back to the meeting.

We have also introduced an app called Virtual Regatta inshore where they learn to ‘sail’ various dinghies and last week we had a mini regatta in which most of them did remarkably well. Internet connections can be an issue, but we shall continue with making use of the resources that are available.

I’d just like to say a huge thanks to the leadership team for their continued commitment in these unusual Times.

Geoff Hornby S.L.