Burns Night Supper

Saturday 19th January 2020

Scots Wha Hae!

Saturday 30th January 2016

Burns Night Supper, Saturday 30th January 2016

Saturday31st January 2015

Burns Night Supper, 31st January 2015

Saturday 26th January 2013

Rob Smith and the Piper after the Toast to the Haggis
Rob Smith and the Piper after the Toast to the Haggis
Our Burns Night Piper
Our Burns Night Piper

Another night to remember!  Our 16th Burns Supper was held at Weaverham Community Centre. Since our first event it has become so popular we have outgrown the Scout Hall, the Church House and on Saturday night, the Centre was almost bursting at the seams with nearly 130 local people and their friends!

If you have never heard of Burns Night, or even been to one, let us explain how this evening has become such a popular fund raising event for the group.

Our guests, many of whom are in evening dress or traditional highland dress were welcomed at the door by our young piper (who, it turned out, used to be a Scout and very generously donated £10 of his fee back to the Scout Group!)

The room is ready laid for dinner complete with its tartan décor and bathed in candlelight.  Once everyone is seated, it is time to serve the traditional Burns Supper.

More of our guests
More of our guests

Following the first course of soup, the Haggis makes its entrance.  Held aloft by our Chef for the evening Brian Williams (Group Treasurer) the Haggis is piped into the room before the ceremonial Address to the Haggis.  We have been very lucky over the years in persuading a true Scot to recite this poem and Rob Smith from the Northwich and District Scots Society delivered this year’s address with some passion and much waving of his ceremonial dagger!

Once the Haggis had received its customary toast with a wee dram, everyone is served Neeps and Tatties withMembers of Northwich & District Scots Society their haggis.

By the time the desserts are polished off, everyone is allowed a little respite while the “speeches” are given. At this point, our Burns Night varies a little from tradition.

Members of Northwich & District Scots Society

The Immortal Memory has been our dedication to Robbie Burns and Scotland and has involved both speeches and musical items.  This year we were very pleased that Northwich & District Scots Society agreed to give us a demonstration of Scottish Country Dancing – how it should be done!  We all watched it very closely – it would be our turn later!

Ken Baird, our Group Chairman was once again persuaded to deliver the Toast to the Lassies. As always, Ken is a difficult act to follow. This year the Lassies Reply was given by a new guest to this event.  Carol Wilson is a fellow Beaver Leader from Davenham, who volunteered without even knowing what it was all about!  Thank you Carol – it got Kathryn and Cyndy off the hook.

By this part of the evening, it is around 10.30pm.  Everyone is enjoying themselves, good food, good wine and entertaining ‘speakers’.  Then we ask them to get on their feet and join together for the Scottish Country dancing!

Guests enjoying a welcome break in the dancing
Guests enjoying a welcome break in the dancing

Unlike the ‘experts’ we have to be led through each dance before we start.  Mike and Lyndsey from the Scots Society have quite a task.  It has to be said that the carpeted floor in the Community Centre does not lend itself to Scottish Country Dancing but we didn’t let that stop us.  After an hour and a half of dances with names like The Dashing White Sergeant and the Gay Gordons the evening came to a close with everyone joining together for Auld Lang Syne.   Everyone said they had really enjoyed themselves.  Result!

Now obviously this kind of event doesn’t just happen.  It takes a lot of organising and we are very grateful for everyone who helps to make it happen. Irene Bush our Group Secretary is our behind the scenes expert and also spent most of Saturday night washing the dishes with help from Lynne Baird and Yvonne Williams.  Our chef Brian spends a lot of time in the days prior to the event, preparing the menus, doing the shopping and preparing the desserts.  On the day he cooks everything at the Scout hall and then re-locates it all to the Community Centre at the last minute.  Leaders Kathryn, Geoff, Cyndy, Bob and Yvonne help on Saturday morning in two teams, one at the Scout Hall preparing all the vegetables and the other at the Community Centre setting everything up, after it has been transported there from the scout all first.

We also have to thank our other event supporters – James Williams, Andy Thomson, Richard Bush, Jacquie Williams and Mike and Sue Hornby for their invaluable help on the day and at the event. The worst part is dragging ourselves out of bed on Sunday morning to be at the Centre at 8am to clear everything away in time for the next users. But, everyone agrees it is worth it.  We think it is a great event, well supported by parents both past and current, friends, supporters, leaders and the Group Executive Committee.

All at 1st Weaverham would like to thank everyone for their continued support.

Maybe next year you would like to try it – but don’t leave it too late, book in early as places will be limited!