AGM 2020: Beaver Section Report

This time last year we had 17 beavers on roll.  With some moving to cubs and some new starters, we still have 17 on roll although this will change when we come out of lockdown and things start to get back to normal.

During the year, we have completed a wide variety of activity badges, from Gardener to Musician and increased our progressive awards for Nights away and Time on the water. 

Some of our most enjoyable activities proved to be the Lego box challenge – one big box of lego, 17 beavers, all at the same time!  Lots of conversation, working together, negotiation for the various parts and the only tears were at the end when I insisted that all my lego went back into the box.  (Its a three generation box!)  I am sure the cleaner got fed up with picking up those tiny bricks though. They seemed to hide in every nook and cranny.

They all enjoyed making the poppy wreaths from recycled plastic bottles.

We took these to Forest Camp for our Remembrance Day Service in the Chapel on the campsite and they were then displayed outside the scout hall.

For our Musician badge, they all made their own drums and learned to play different rhythms and then they all learned a Christmas song with Tilly our Explorer Scout Young Leader and performed it for their parents.

As always, the biggest highlight was our Sleepover in the middle of February.  All the tents were pitched in the hall,  which was just as well, the weather that night was very wet and extremely windy!  We had an American Indian theme and everyone had a great time.   Thanks to Josef Hughes for the extra support for the outside activities on the Saturday.

Then,  on 17th March we went into lockdown!

After a brief period of shock and re-adjustment our beaver leaders got together and decided to try Virtual Scouting.   Zoom meetings took off on  9th April!

Using a totally new approach and with no previous training whatsoever,

we offered  a different way for our young people to access  beaver scouting.  It is still a huge learning curve.  For those with lots of IT experience it is not quite so daunting, but for many of us it is a huge challenge.

Our numbers attending each week are currently about 60-70%. 

Many of our beavers have taken part in the international CampAtHome challenge when over 80,000 members of scout associations all over the world camped on 30th April, 2020. A phenomenal response.

Lots of them also took part in the Hike to the Moon, where the scouts had to walk a mile each.  Collectively, Cheshire Scouts walked to the moon and back again!

We really appreciate all the support that parents are providing our beavers during these times of virtual scouting. We know how difficult it can be.    We are looking forward to seeing you all face to face as soon as it is safe to do so.

We have had some changes to our leadership team , Sue retired at the end of last year after many years with the group and Marie had to leave due to work commitments.  We thank them  both for the support they  gave us during their time with the group.

Finally I must say a huge thank you to our current  team.   Julia and Andrew our two section assistants, Tilly our Explorer Scout Young Leader and Suzy our Explorer Scout who has been doing her DoE with Beavers.  You are all working so hard to give our beavers great opportunities to start gaining those Skills for Life, particularly in this current,  dificult climate. 

Stay safe everyone.

Cyndy Lloyd

1st Weaverham Beaver Scouts