Scouts and Explorers helping refugees

As Remembrance Day approaches, we start to think about all those who gave their lives in the two World Wars and many conflicts since then. This year the Scouts and Explorers have also been finding out what happens to those who are left behind and live out their everyday life in a war zone, or are forced to flee to try and find a safer life for themselves and their families away from conflict, often ending up displaced in another country.

The Scouts and Explorers visited and gave their support to CARE UK Charity Refugee aid NW at their centre in Lostock.

After a tour of the operation and explanation of the purpose of the charity, the scouts helped to sort and pack donations which are sent out to support refugees.

At the first group session on the 27th October, scouts sorted and packed clothing for children and adults and helped to put together baby boxes which contain everything a newborn baby might need, whilst the explorers restacked some of the boxes already waiting to be loaded, then searched through the mountain of donations to re-locate the packs of nappies and wipes which had been donated and were desperately needed.  Everything was then moved to the loading area for the following day when the container bound for Lesvos in Greece was due.

The second group session on 3rd November was just as busy as the charity prepares to fill the next container due on 11th November which is bound for Syria.  Scouts paired up and in some cases cleaned shoes and boots ready for dispatch.  Winter is very cold in Syria.  They also sorted and bagged clothing for adults and children and also toys.  This container should arrive in Syria around Christmas time. The Explorers had a more physical task this time.  The Charity had received an amazing donation of disability aids including wheelchairs, walking aids, crutches etc, but they were blocking the access to the loading bay.  So, everything had to come out, be sorted then restacked giving through access for the loading of the container.

Sue, one of the Team Leaders for CARE Uk had this to say on their Face book page

“ we were joined by the 2nd wave of 1st Weaverham Sea Scouts. Oh, my goodness can this group achieve great things? They packed toys, clothes and shoes …………

and gave us back our ‘ready to go store’ access.”   A thousand thanks.

I think we can say – we did alright!

The Explorers and leaders are hoping to be there next Saturday to help load the container bound for Syria.

Every container that leaves the depot contains much needed aid and often has an extra ‘wish list’. Lesvos was desperate for nappies, baby wipes and baby food.  Syria is in need of items of a more ‘medical’ nature. The scouts and explorers donated a box of bandages and dressings etc., which were excess to current requirements in our first aid boxes.

Many scout parents also sent donations with their scouts and the charity was very grateful for these. If you would like to donate goods to the charity, contact either Kathryn (Scouts) or Cyndy (Beavers/Explorers) to find out where to take it, or if you would like to make a monetary donation to the charity, which is used to buy specific goods such as baby milk, we can  give you the bank details. You can also check out their Facebook page to find out more (click here )

Kathryn and I hope that this link will become a regular feature in our sectional programmes.

The Scouts and Explorers enjoyed giving their time to the Charity and learned a lot about how difficult life can be for refugees, wherever they are..

I was very proud of the Scouts and Explorers – putting the Scout Promise into Action!


Cyndy Lloyd,   Explorer Scout Leader