2013 – A busy year for camping!

2013 is shaping up to be busier than usual for camping!
All the sections will have lots of opportunities this year for Nights Away experiences.
The beavers will be offered the chance to go camping in tents! A change in the rules means that we can now take beavers away for one night in tents. Previously they were only allowed to take part in family camps.
At the moment we are still in discussion with the cubs to organise another joint camp. This makes better use of our leaders skills and our activity permits and allows the beavers to get to know the cubs and their leaders in preparation for moving sections. The date and venue has not yet been confirmed, but as there are so many events taking part in the first half of the year, it is expected to be in September.
Cubs and scouts will have the opportunity to join us for our Group camp at Waddecar at Whit, the “Bear in the air” camp at Tatton in May and also the Mid Cheshire District Camp at Tatton on 21/23rd June.
There are also plans for more patrol camping for scouts, but no dates have been agreed yet. Explorers are welcome to join us for the “Bear in the Air” event at Chester Racecourse in May, Group camp at Waddecar at Whit and District camp at Tatton in June. They are also planning their favourite type of camp – the Chillout camp in March.
As you can see, it’s going to be a busy time for the leaders and if any parents feel they are able to offer to support any of these events, please contact Cyndy to discuss. All adults will need to complete a Scouts CRB check we’ll before the events, so, don’t delay, ring Cyndy as soon as possible. (Sorry, if you already have a CRB from other organisations, e.g school, we still have to complete a separate one for scouts – at the moment? )

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