Week 14: how to get bored with board!

The week started with the completion of the battening that was required to support the plasterboard. And here’s a fun fact; take a guess at the approximate length of wooden components (rafters, joists, purlins, battens etc.) that has gone into this project so far (answer below*).

But once that was done, the next job was the plasterboard. All 1.7 tonnes of it. In sheets measuring 8ft x 4ft and weighing about 38kg each.

It took the rest of the week, and is still not quite finished, but even at this stage it has transformed the interior appearance of the Hall.

Next week: plastering! But first, here’s a picture of the team. Conrad (centre) with Gaz (left) and Jamie (right)

*(answer: just under 4km, or 2.5 miles!)