Week 9: a bit of a rollercoaster, but with a happy ending

Another week of good weather, and by the end of Monday the major roof trusses were in place. But that evening, a neighbour – to whom we are very grateful – interrupted the theft of some lengths of timber from the site. Even though the culprits fled, on Tuesday morning Conrad realised that several of the timbers which had been specially selected and cut for our roof were missing …….

The police were informed and it transpired that another neighbour had some CCTV pictures of the thieves. Enquiries proceeded and on Thursday morning the police used their drone to locate and identify the stolen timbers in a nearby garden. Our thanks go to the police and to everyone else who supplied information which helped us solve this problem.

With sighs of relief all round, we were able to recover the missing items and by Friday the major woodwork was complete. Approximately 3000 screws were used to secure the rafters and purlins!

Next week, even more layers of felt, battens and tiles will go on to (hopefully!) finish the main roof construction.