AGM 2018: Explorer Section Report

Endurance Explorer Scout Unit

Annual Report for Weaverham Sea Scouts AGM

We continue to be a very small, but active unit.  Our numbers remain at 8 Explorers however, we look forward to another 4 joining us from the Scout section in December.

Our biggest change this year has been in the leadership roles.  Richard was appointed as a District Explorer Scout Commissioner. As his job in the Royal Fleet Auxiliary takes him to sea for several months of the year – wifi means he can still be in touch with what is going on around the District.

Matthew took on the challenge of Camp America earlier in the year, followed by a couple of weeks travelling around America, came home just in time to go to University.

I am most grateful to Sharon Quinn for taking on the role of section assistant to ensure continuation of the unit.

The unit have had a varied programme throughout the year including joint activities with Malarg Explorers, but the highlights were definitely  the boating season with Weaverham Sea Scouts and their time at Chamboree with other explorers from the District.

Thanks to the scout section, they are able to take part in the water activities and this year, the unit have become more pro-active in the sessions by forming a ‘service’ team.  This means they have duties to carry out to assist the leaders on arrival for boating, such as getting the kayaks and safety boat ready for launching and starting preparations for the scouts to rig the sailing dinghies.  This was the first year this has been introduced and hopefully it will continue in the future and they will become much more useful.

Only one of the explorers was unable to attend Chamboree as he was on family holiday.  They camped with the rest of the District Explorers. Although I was there, I camped with Weaverham but I still had responsibility for the district explorers.  Sharon kindly volunteered to help with the explorer camp.  That was a bit of a baptism of fire for her, however, she was great and the very small team of leaders would have really struggled without her input.  I am very grateful to her for giving up her time.  She tells me she did enjoy it, so I am glad they didn’t put her off!  I think we are both hoping that Richard is back to run our units  winter camp though!

All the explorers have increased their staged badges, Nights Away and Time on the water etc.  We are also aiming to complete their Chief Scouts Platinum award in the next 12 months.  It takes even longer for Explorers to achieve Chief Scouts Awards, especially with the added pressures of school work, Duke of Edinburgh Awards etc.

I would like to thank Weaverham for continuing their Partnership Agreement with the Unit and allowing us access to all their equipment and letting us join in their activities when appropriate.

Cyndy Lloyd

Explorer Scout Leader